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riseSUP Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a peaceful water sport.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding SUP with riseSUP on the Allegheny River.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding SUP is appropriate for all ages and abilities - riseSUP



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP?
Stand Up Paddle Boarding, also known as SUP, is a low impact sport that strengthens the core muscles, improves balance and coordination, and gives you a complete body workout.  It involves using a paddle board, paddle, and various exercises and techniques.

What does learning SUP involve?
The learning curve for SUP is like nothing you've ever tried.  You begin with a short land-based training session.  Within one hour, you can become very comfortable in the water and on your board. 

Why should I try SUP?
SUP is a great full-body workout.  Once you are on the water, you feel lighter and stronger.  SUP fires up the core like no other movement. 

Who can SUP?
YOU can SUP!  SUP is suitable for all ages and abilities.  You, your spouse, parent, grandparent, children, friend or neighbor can SUP!  SUP is also perfect for anyone cross training, competitive or non-competitive athletes.  It can be used to rehab back, knee and hip injuries.  It is also the perfect sport to connect your mind, body and spirit.

Will I get wet?
Possibly; however, riseSUP will teach you the skills you need to stay on your board and enjoy your glide.  You may WANT to get wet by the end of the session!

What should I bring?
Dress like you are going to the pool.  A swimsuit, shorts, shirt, sunscreen, hat, visor and towel are suitable. riseSUP supplies the rest!  Generally, SUP is done barefoot, but water shoes are welcome.

Where is riseSUP located?
Click image for map

Fox Chapel Yacht Club
1366 Old Freeport Road
Pittsburgh, PA  15238

Private Dock
Riverside Drive
Oakmont, PA  15139

North Park Boat House
Pierce Mill Road
Allison Park, PA  15101

What happens if the weather is bad or I need to cancel?
riseSUP has the right to cancel lessons or classes due to unfavorable weather conditions.  Students will be notified at least 2 hours in advance.  We for at least 2 hours notification if students need to cancel with riseSUP.



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